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     Whitetail Deer Hunting


 I often am asked about our whitetail hunting, and I have to say, I'm pretty stingy about it; but I thought, what the heck, I will share it with a few each year, after all we have plenty of them. Our deer hunting takes place in Missouri (over the counter $225 tag), or "across the road" in Iowa. Iowa tags need to be put in, in advance and thanks to so many on television, Iowa has become extremely well known for giants and I will admit, it’s with good reason. Iowa has enormous deer; but the coveted tag is hard to draw and takes 2 years or more to draw with a tag as pricey as a Western hunt. That is the bad news, the good news is that we have excellent ground in Iowa, full of monster bucks waiting to be killed.

On an Iowa hunt, I feel comfortable telling you I would pass on all bucks under 150" and wait for a real good one! Hard to believe; but it’s true. Should you have one of these coveted Iowa whitetail deer tags, don't hesitate to call me, we'll get you set up. If you’re like the rest of the free world and you are stuck hunting Missouri with us and stuck isn't really a good word, after all we are hunting "across the street" from the Iowa border and we have the same genetics and crop ground with bucks over 300 lbs. and 200" of horn very possible. Not to mention the fact the tag is much less expensive and is bought over the counter, plus you can use a rifle. That's right, rifle hunting Mid Western Monarch's with an over the counter tag and a very real possibility of seeing a 140" to 180" buck with that rifle in your hand.

Sounds like a deer hunters dream come true and it is; if you come from Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or any of the South east or Eastern states, the deer in this part of the world will simply blow your mind, and not just the horns. Giant body's, and giant racks is the norm if you get lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, which happens pretty darn often. We take very few deer hunting; maybe 10 total in the last 2 years and this is what we killed....

*These bucks range from 140" to 185", all shot in Missouri, although a couple of 130" bucks were also killed, it's  pretty incredible ratio and I dare to say, like with all of our hunts, probably the best in the country for giant sized wild whitetails, outside of a fenced in or large managed pay per inch "trophy" Texas trophy hunt, these antlers are hard to beat. So, yes, we are blessed indeed! I offer both fully guided and do it yourself type hunts where you can lease the farms from us for 5 days.

God Bless, and Good Hunting,


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Nice Missouri
Whitetail Buck

Letting This Buck Walk at 140"

Let Him R.I.P
at 170"

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