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Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Dear Fellow Hunters,


We would like to share with you that on June 13, 2015 outfitter Scott Robinson unexpectedly passed away. As many of you know Scott was a die hard and passionate waterfowl hunter.

We are excited and proud to announce that the entire Snow Goose Specialist Team has banded together to continue the legacy Scott has built. We will be continuing to offer spring snow goose hunts in Missouri and Iowa for the 2016 spring snow goose hunting season and beyond.

For more details or to book a hunt please contact camp manager Larry Robinson at 1-866-486-8897!

SPRING SNOW GEESE, WHAT A BLESSING....Come on down and join us for the GOOD OLE DAYS, once again. That's right, they're back! Hundreds of thousands, and at times a million or more migrating snow geese over head and we sit right in the middle of them on the edge of both the Mississippi and Central flyways on the banks of the Missouri River bottoms and breaks. Well I am guessing if you've visited this site you've probably visited others and all with promises of great yields of birds, just like the good ole days. And there is a lot of truth to that good ole day's statement. The USF&W Service has basically opened up all opportunities of harvesting vast numbners of snows, blues and ross geese. No the good ole days of duck numbers haven't returned; but for now, on the right days you can still have opportunities at world class waterfowling days with harvests reaching over 100 in a single day and many days from 20-50 birds during the peak snow goose migration. You can read more about the best MADE IN AMERICA HUNTS, here as well as in our menu section to the upper left under 'Good Stuff On Hunt.'

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting
Squaw Creek Snow Geese

We have been professional guides and outfitters since 1990, and I personally have well over 30 years waterfowl hunting experience. I still Love Waterfowl Hunting, particularly goose hunting, more than anything, even the, "getting the truck stuck", kind of days. We are the OUTFITTER'S OUTFITTER when it comes to waterfowl hunting in Missouri and the other states we operate in many months of the year. We specialize in Spring Snow Geese, we hunt everything the Mid-West has to offer; but we SPECIALIZE IN SPRING SNOW GEESE. While leading the pack in putting Missouri on the map, and in the driver's seat, as the number one harvest state in the country! We work closely with the world's largest outdoor outfitter and retailer and are one of only two Outfitters in the nation that are under contract to provide these hunts for them and other corporate giants. We are the go to guys and often can put together these excursions on short notice because of our depth and experienced guides; we provide memories for our guests that will last a lifetime. You have come to the right place if you like to burn powder my friend!

We are lucky enough to have been in business and waterfowling longer than most anyone in the country, at least any one that still operates today, it is because our hunts and destinations are considered at the pinnacle of World Class destinations in the States. So much so, that we are under contract with the 'World's Foremost Outfitter',  as one of only two in the entire country to hold such a contract. I was one of the original founders of the National Snow Goose Foundation, and currently sit on the board. All of our pictures or video that you may see or find on youtube, on television, in magazines, will have all been shot in the United States and that is simply because we are too busy successfully hunting the Mid West, to be traveling anywhere across the border. Most all other video's are being shot in Canada; along with many outfitters using pictures from Canada in their advertisements-you will not find that here, We Are 100% American Made.

In this advertisement, we are specifically talking about our first love and what Ducks Unlimited Magazine named us as the "Mid West Experts", in Dec. 2010; and that is Mid Continent Snow Goose Hunting. We were humbled with this interview; but then again ecstatic to be recognized so highly. And again, last April 2011, we were interviewed for an article in Outdoor Life Magazine, regarding the population explosion of snow geese and what we have done to "help control it", and what our suggestions would be to the Federal Fish & Wildlife Division, to help get these out of control birds, back in control. Again, I was very humbled and honored to be chosen among so many in a piece of Americana, that is so iconic, only you and other outdoorsman could understand the meaning, very humbled in deed.

We are represented by the biggest and best in the industry and are considered by many as the place to go when it comes to light goose hunting. With all of this recognition, we remain very manageable, keeping our operation at the same size it has been for the last decade, unlike so many others around the internet carrying on over capacity. This however means booking as early as possible, a must. It is this same size that works best for us, this is what has made us, we choose quality over quantity of guests. Our spring snow goose hunts take place in Missouri, the highest snow goose harvest area/state in the world, as revealed in Wildfowl Magazine.

We have, without question, helped give Missouri, and Mound City, this reputation, with above average harvest rates and unheard of, high success, in what is considered the wiliest of all waterfowl. We have literally millions of snows and other fowl migrating through our back yard each fall and spring. Last year was off the charts with abnormally high harvests, and per day average harvests by our guests. **At the risk of being redundant, this year is already predicted to be as good as last; because of another record setting hatch of young snows already being rumored... if so, on the right days, we could be in for a real barn burner..last year was our highest per group average in our history..

Be sure to read about Snow Goose Specialists in the Ducks Unlimited, Jan. / Feb. Spring Snow Goose Edition, 2010.--Titled, "Ask the Expert". By Renowned Outdoor Author Will Brantley


Our latest article was an intense, 3 page interview with Scott, regarding population control. This April 2011 issue, interviewer, was well known Staff Author, Brian McCombie

Click On The Cover To See More!

Please feel free to find me on Facebook, Scott Robinson's Waterfowl Specialist's (lots of other hunt pictures on here, deer, turkey, ducks, canada's, etc.), or text, email or call me in regards to your spring snow goose hunt or season updates; we are very easy to get to, with major airport service located within an hour or so of our lodge or hunting area's. Please also understand; I have a small family of five, as well as help as much as possible with our small business; and often can not answer immediately. I will get back to you usually within minutes or as quickly as possible.

I have the best job in the world! we help make incredible memory's for great outdoors men, woman and children. Because we are a hands on personal operation with long history, I have been able to make incredible memories with my guests through generations and this gives me the greatest satisfaction in passing it on. I wish you a great 2011-2012,

God Bless and Good Hunting,

Scott Robinson
Snow Goose Specialist

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunt
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